The Meaning Behind ASTROSERIES: “Lost In Space”

The Meaning Behind ASTROSERIES: “Lost In Space”

Welcome to our community and we officially invite you to join our Pride Pack! 

The idea behind Astro and the lost in space t-shirt came from probably what you would have thought, laying down and thinking how can i best introduce my brand. A bunch of thoughts and ideas went in to it, ultimately i decided to go with the concept of actually thinking. When your in a “zone” it’s almost as if your lost in a space where ideas are effortlessly floating around you in arms reach.

Ofcourse the floral design was a beautiful addition to what it can feel like when you connect to these ideas and thoughts, i.e. vines connecting to a flower. I chose the concept of flowers because ideas eventually flourish and grow if treated correctly. The front lettering was inspired by the ever changing “Snowfall” show (Featured on FX) opening lettering credits. 

A few details you may miss in this design is our (moon/sun) logo reflecting off of Astro’s helmet, On Astro’s chest are the initials L.W.C.T. (which stands for Lyon Wulf Creative TEAM) 


All in all i hope you enjoy, this is Lyon Wulf’s first drop however there are many more to come. 

 Create. Conquer. Change.