About RoboLyon

Come & Learn about LyonWulfs Greatest Robot!



The story of Robo-Lyon is about a Robot Humanoid from an Unknown Planet far in space. He is built to solve, love, & protect... A robot with a human life force inside of him. Programmed to express feelings and love & protect those who he cares about.

This concept is inspired by those who weren’t able to fit in, those who feel like their whole life goes unnoticed, & most importantly of all… those who are misunderstood. These people inspired me because all though they feel those ways… they had the biggest hearts. Still caring protecting and still loving no matter what the stakes are… it shows me that it doesn’t matter what a person [or] thing may look like or how they act… everyone & everything has the opportunity to help and change the world.

The message I want to spread to you is to Always To Keep Being You & Stay True To Your Morals. Life Will Notice & Gratify You. Just Have To Wait For It To Bloom 🌻.



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